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Apek releases Maxpad Pro

The Corporate market has now a professional version of Maxpad, which includes special settings. With a LED LCD industrial grade panel, ShadowsSense™ touchscreen technology and a robust hardware configuration, the new Maxpad Pro line offers a complete platform for professionals. With the new Windows 10 shipped from the factory, the new Maxpad Pro includes native 3D multi-touch viewer, compatible with "stl" files and full integration with 3D printing systems.

Professional settings

The new Maxpad Pro is not just "Pro" in its name. Besides the industrial grade LED LCD Panel, designed to operate 24x7, the new equipment includes a strong hardware, with 16GB of RAM and 1.6 TB of storage space (SSD + HD).The integrated processor is nothing less than the latest generation of A10 family, with four processing cores and 3.8 GHz clock. The graphics chipset is an ATI Radeon R7 Series, which guarantees an amazing performance for graphics and video content.

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