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Apek releases the world's first Multi touch Professional Radiologic Station

In an audacious project, Apek and Navegatium companies have jointly developed a revolutionary solution to Medicine Health Education market.This new product, called Maxpad Navegatium, is the world's first multi-touch Radiologic Station, which allows viewing and manipulation DICOM images (standard file format generated by digital medical equipment).With this release Apek enters in a select group of high technology heath corporations.According to Bruno Risso, Marketing Director of Navegatium, the product has many advantages over Dicom viewers supplied with PACs systems and other open source solutions. This product is the most advanced station which integrates an extremely precise multi touch screen, offering the best precision of the market. "No other manufacturer has a product so complete and with screens up to 65", says Bruno.In Education market ​Maxpad Navegatium is even more relevant, once in many countries the use of cadavers in Universities has been prohibited and determines a worldwide trend.Another innovation of Apek Navegatium solution is its integration with 3D printing systems. Through this feature, users can order 3D print models generated by DICOM images via the Internet. Through a partnership with Stratasys, the models are printed in the most advanced printers of the world, with minor details and combination of various materials.

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