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Apek opens state of the art factory

After four years of construction, Apek inaugurates its new facilities in Campinas, near the most important Brazilian Technology Center and next to the main universities of São Paulo.With four floors, the new company building has a minimalist architecture, using with state-of-art materials, such as nanoglass. Covered by large areas of laminated glass and aluminium structures, the building creates a futurist environment extremely pleasurable.In addition to be aesthetically innovative, the new plant has a sustainability project that includes a green roof with 4,305 squase feets.This roof carries out the collection of rainwater, feeding two cisterns, which have a total capacity of 20,000 liters. All this water is used for toilets, gardens, reflecting pool and general cleaning.The new structure will allow Apek start producing about 100,000 self-service terminals and interactive displays yearly, making the company one of the world's largest manufacturers of touchscreen technology in large format.This building represents a historic milestone for the company and consolidates definitively its position in the technology market

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